A custom cutout is a fantastic way to personalize your fireside experience. This article will explain how to commission our team to create a fire pit that is sure to make a statement on your patio and express your fiery personality.


At Iron Embers, our team of fireside experts are available at every step of the process to bring your vision into reality with professional engineering software and precise metal fabrication techniques.


What is a Custom Cutout?

A custom cutout refers to a modification made to a side panel of your fire pit during the laser cutting process. As the parts that will become your fire pit are being cut from large 1/4″ steel plates, additional table time is added to accommodate cutting your artwork into the side panel with a precision laser.


Working with a Dedicated Designer

When you’re fire pit is meant to last the next ten years, committing to a custom cutout can feel like getting a new tattoo. Once it’s there, it’s either permanent or costly and painful to replace. 


That’s why our design team works with you to develop a concept that you will appreciate for many years to come (with no regrets). 


When developing your concept for a custom outdoor fire pit, we can mock up layouts that include custom text, silhouettes, and logos (copyrights required). Then, based on your input, a proof of concept will be delivered to you in PDF format via email for approval before proceeding with the production process.


Design fees as low as $99 per panel

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Options for Custom Cutouts

When planning your custom cutouts, three options can be added to a panel layout. 


Name/Text Cutouts: Choose from available font styles to make a statement with your fire pit.

  • Family Name / Family Initials
  • Cottage / Property Name
  • Personal Sayings / Catch Phrases
  • Commemorative Dates (Weddings)
  • Single Words / Letters / Numbers
  • Compass Directions


Simple Graphics: Complete your fire pit with a personalized view of the flames through a graphic cutout for a simplified silhouette. 

  • Trees / Mountains / Landscapes
  • Forest Animals / Pets / Fish
  • Iron Embers signature Maple Leaf Outline
  • Shapes / Emblems / Icons / Graphics


Logos: Brand a fire pit with your company/personal logo, perfect for commercial settings, events, and sponsored gifts. Please be aware that we uphold creative copyrights when offering these customizations. Therefore, trademarked materials such as sports team logos may not be cut into the side of your fire pit without explicit written permission from the copyright holder.


Choosing a Fire Pit for a Custom Cutout

When choosing a fire pit for a custom cutout, SIZE MATTERS!


Since the customization is made to the side panel of your fire pit, the size, shape, and style of the fire pit you choose will influence the layout.  


Smaller fire pits will have less surface area, which reduces the ability to deliver detailed designs. For example, customizations are not advised with models like the 2′ Polygon Fire Bowl due to the limited surface area.


Medium fire pits are the most popular sizes available and, as a result, the most often customized. For example, our most popular fire pit, the 3′ Octagonal Cottager, is regularly altered with a cottage or family name to take on the personality of its new home.


Larger fire pits offer broader side panels which allow you to add longer messages and detailed designs to your fire pit with more clarity and precision. For example, units with a deep fire bowl like the 30″ Modern Cube gain additional visibility as the cutout acts as a viewing window.


Outdoor fireplaces can also be customized with custom cutouts by adding an additional steel plate to the frame for the customization, typically placed on the door panel or the roof of a Chiminea.


The Laser Cutting Process

During the production stage of your Iron Embers fire pit, we have the opportunity to personalize your fire pit with laser cutting.


Once you confirm your design, we send your design files to our steel supplier, who then cuts the panels with the custom cutout for your fire pit from sheets of 1/4″ steel.


Using CNC laser cutting technology, a focused beam concentrates energy to burn through the steel plate and cut the patterns for parts and custom designs from sheet metal.


Once your custom parts are received, your fire pit will continue through our handcrafted production process. From here, your fire pit is welded, polished, and painted by our team of metal fabrication specialists.


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