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Cupola Fire Ring

The Cupola Fire Ring is a simple, rugged firepit with a bottomless design. The unique shape shifts from a square at the base to an octagon at the top.
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Unleashing the ultimate fireside experience

Crafted with precision and passion, our Cupola Fire Ring is the result of years of fire-pit perfecting craftsmanship. Laser-cut to perfection, its balanced proportions deliver a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. Every accessory is meticulously designed for a perfect fit, ensuring each fire is an unforgettable experience.

"We ordered a Cupola fire ring for our backyard overhaul, the quality is second to none - it is so beautifully crafted! It has become the crown jewel of our little backyard oasis and I would highly recommend the Cupola for anyone!"

~ Jennifer S.

Features of the Cupola

Unique cupola shape - square to octagon fire ring

Unique shape transitions from square base to octagon top

Custom patio garage cupola fire ring

Large side panels allow for detailed personalization cutouts

Cupola fire ring with no bottom floor

Bottomless design reduces weight and makes it portable

Built to Last Generations

Backed by a solid 10-year guarantee and built from 1/4" steel, we stand behind each and every transaction to ensure you have an amazing experience for decades to come.

clean water icon All-Season Durability
Shield and checkmark icon 10-Year Guarantee
maple leaf icon Handcrafted in Canada

Ignite Endless Adventures

Tailor your Cupola Fire Ring to your unique fire-side vision with a wide array of accessories. From spark screens for ember containment to BBQ grills for epic cookouts, and steel tabletop covers, you’ve got an arsenal at your disposal to customize your burn.

Whatever you need to amp up your fire game, we’ve got your back.

Build my Fire Pit
GIF showing the optional attachments for a cupola fire ring

Firing up Your Nights, Made Easy

Ready to bring the Cupola Fire Ring into your backyard? Sketch out your ideal fire pit right here. Tweak it with unique cutouts, throw in some accessories, and grab live shipping quotes while you’re at it. We can’t wait to help you transform your fireside moments.

So, are you ready to join our fiery community with your customized Cupola Fire Ring?

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