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The History of Iron Embers

It all started with three brothers and a shared vision for creating a better outdoor fire pit suited for life in Canada. Adrian, Eric, and Ken Tamminga began their journey by producing their first hand-crafted fire pit in 2006, which the family still uses to this day!

By the summer of 2011, the Tamminga brothers were able to bring their passion to life by establishing Iron Embers. Since then, the business has grown from a small family-owned and operated manufacturing operation to an emerging leader in the premium outdoor fire pit community.

We believe in sourcing high-quality materials and constructing each unit with precision craftsmanship to ensure your fireside experience will stand the test of time.

Our Production Process

At Iron Embers, our team is on a mission to craft a fireside experience that will last your family for generations. We utilize industrial quality materials and metal fabrication processes to create Canada’s most reliable outdoor fire pits.

Cottager fire pit welding process


Our team uses a combination of MIG welding and spot welding techniques to build our various products.

Cottager fire pit metal polishing and buff process

Metal Polishing

Each product undergoes metal polishing to remove excess spatter and create a smoother aesthetic for the final product.

Chiminea high heat enamel fire pit painting process


We apply a coat of our custom blend high heat enamel paint which is specially formulated for use on Iron Embers fire pits and accessories.

Meet The Team

Eric Tamminga Iron Embers

Eric Tamminga

Founder, Business Development
Adrian Tamminga Iron Embers

Adrian Tamminga

Co-Founder, Business Manager
Jonathan Van Dyk Iron Embers

Jonathan Van Dyk

Sales Manager
Erica Moore Iron Embers

Erica Moore

Human Resources Manager
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