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3′ Octagonal Cottager

3′ Octagonal Cottager

$1,069.00 CAD

SKU: AA-0025

Include some addons for this fire pit

Build & Price

140 lbs (63.5 kg)
1/4″ (6.4 mm) Thick Steel

The 3′ Octagonal Cottager is the original Iron Embers outdoor fire pit ideal for spending quality time around a campfire in the backyard or by the lake. Each Cottager comes standard with an Attachment Adapter, allowing you to equip one of our BBQ Grills for woodfire grilling! The 3′ Cottager’s rod rings extend your cooking surface or serve as a footrest during your fire. Drainage slots in the floor keep your fire pit clear of rainwater and provide increased airflow to your fire to produce a cleaner burn. The raised bowl lifts the fire pit off the ground allowing excess heat to radiate from beneath the unit warming the surrounding area. A luxury fire pit like the 3′ Cottager offers an enhanced fireside experience best enjoyed with family and friends!

The 3′ Octagonal Cottager is compatible with many Iron Embers accessories to upgrade your experience.  Package your Cottager with a Stainless Spark Screen for an added layer of safety, a custom-fit Tarp Cover to help preserve the paint surface, or a Steel Table Top to convert your patio fire pit into a coffee table. 

The 3′ Octagonal Cottager is hand-crafted from sheets of ¼” carbon steel and ½” steel rod before being coated with a high heat enamel. Occasional maintenance to repair surface rust will increase the lifespan of your investment. We recommend repainting your fire pit every two years with high heat BBQ paint.

Had a great experience with Iron Embers. Customer service was very prompt and clear. The fire pit itself is top-notch, well-constructed, and sleek — I’ve received numerous compliments. Would highly recommend.
Charles Dang
Used it all summer. Amazing grill! Ready to start using it this winter! This is the perfect fire/grill combo for cities with tough by-law enforcement.
Kenny Falardeau

3' Octagonal Cottager Accessories

$649.00$868.00 CAD

Add a spark screen to your fire pit for an extra level of safety. Built with a stainless steel mesh.

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$299.00 CAD

Transform your Cottager into a coffee table. Designed to keep the rainwater out and the ashes in.

$339.00$369.00 CAD

Protect your Octagonal Cottager from the elements with this heavy duty Tarp Cover.

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$25.00 CAD

At the push of a button, you can restore your fire pit and accessories with an exact match aerosol paint.

$259.00 CAD

A five by five steel grate that nests within the octagonal floor shape of our medium-sized fire pits.

$349.00 CAD

Add the height adjustable Stainless BBQ Grill to your fire pit to bring effective wood-fired grilling to your backyard.

$269.00 CAD

The heavy-duty Steel BBQ Grill is an effective solution to fireside BBQing. Not height adjustable.

$399.00$749.00 CAD

The Tamarack Log Holder allows you to store and organize firewood near your fire pit or indoor hearth.

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