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10-Year Guarantee Policy

Printable 10-Year Guarantee Policy (PDF download)


Iron Embers (“IE”) specializes in creating long-lasting outdoor fire pits and accessories for backyard and cottage lifestyles. We fabricate handcrafted products that will last a decade, and we stand behind the quality of each build with our 10-Year Guarantee! As an Iron Embers customer, we aim to support your fireside experience with best-in-class customer service for many years to come.

The 10-Year Guarantee and Claim Procedure

The 10-Year Guarantee is a goodwill arrangement offered by Iron Embers to cover key quality indicators as set forth below and ensure you reach the maximum lifespan of your Iron Embers products (some exclusions apply; see Product Exclusions for details).

Disclaimer: The IE 10-Year Guarantee is NOT a product warranty and does not require you to register your product at the point of purchase.

Valid proof of purchase from an Authorized Dealer or Order Number from IE may be required to process a claim. Guarantee claims must be made through Iron Embers, not by the original Authorized Dealer or Distributor.

Do not ship or mail any components for a Guarantee claim before contacting Iron Embers, as in some cases it may not be necessary to return the item. Our goal is to make any claim as simple as possible by providing white glove customer support to any owners that encounter valid claims. If further assistance is needed, please email us at info@ironembers.com for more information.

In the unlikely event that you have a Claim to process on an Iron Embers product, these are the KEY QUALITY INDICATORS COVERED BY THE IRON EMBERS 10-YEAR GUARANTEE

1. Burn Through & Craftsmanship

The offered 10-Year Guarantee primarily covers the unit’s structural integrity for the burn through and craftsmanship of materials, including the 1/4″ steel, stainless steel mesh, cooking grills, fire grates, chiminea caps, hinge mechanisms, and doors.

Burn Through – This refers to the coverage of damage to the metal components based on burn through caused by regular use. Products subject to Abuse and Misuse may not be eligible for coverage.

Craftsmanship – This refers to the coverage of the structural integrity of the welds and fabrication process of our products. If deemed defective or damaged due to the quality of construction, our team will assess the situation and provide a reasonable resolution.

The Guarantee does not include coverage on non-structural blemishes that do not affect the performance or structural integrity of the unit.

2. Paint – Limited Coverage (60 Days)

Due to the nature of our high-heat enamel paint solutions, the IE 10-Year Guarantee includes limited paint coverage that relates to the initial curing process, completed when you apply heat to the paint. During the first sixty days (60 days) of ownership, if the paint begins to peel, bubble, or otherwise detach from the unit, our team will assess the damages and provide a reasonable solution.

The Guarantee does NOT provide coverage for surface rust that will occur and can be maintained with Iron Embers signature touch-up paint.

Our 10-Year Guarantee limited paint coverage does not extend to scratches, dents, chips, fading, changes in appearances of the high-heat enamel paint after the first sixty days (60 days) of product ownership.

3. Shipping Damage

While we do our best to ensure that your package arrives by selecting shipping partners with a proven track record of success, unfortunately, shipping damage can occur during the transportation of your products under unique circumstances.

Shipping carriers can be liable for the damaged product during shipment. If your shipment is damaged during delivery, send photo evidence to info@ironembers.com with your order number to file a claim, and our team will assess the appropriate next steps.

Abuse and Misuse

For products deemed as damaged due to misuse or abuse by our customer service team when assessing the case will not be eligible for coverage under the 10-Year Guarantee offer.

Examples of abuse and misuse include but are not limited to;

  • Burning hazardous materials (i.e., gasoline, tires)
  • Deformation/damage resulting from overloaded capacity
  • Modifications and post-purchase customizations
  • Violations and infractions of local/regional bi-laws
  • General physical abuse or intentional damage

Product Exclusions

The following products are excluded from the standard 10-Year Guarantee offer.

  • The Hexagon Flare – INDIGO X IRON EMBERS URBAN FIRE PIT Exclusive product (2021)


Thank you for burning with Iron Embers – we know you will enjoy Your Fireside Experience, and we are here to provide you with outstanding customer service and post-purchase support.

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