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48” Cupola Fire Ring

48” Cupola Fire Ring

$949.00 CAD

SKU: AA-0005

Include some addons for this fire pit

Build & Price

135 lbs (61.2 kg)
1/4″ (6.4 mm) Thick Steel

The 48″ Cupola is the largest fire ring, ideal for the group entertainment areas or the spot where the entire family comes together. This bottomless fire ring is designed to host large groups and has the best price per pound of steel that Iron Embers offers. The 48″ Cupola features heavy-duty construction that allows it to burn long hours without taking damage.

The Cupola ring allows you to contain your fire while still maintaining clear visibility of the fire. The slanted side panels pull the air down towards the coals, driving the smoke up and out through the middle. The wide side panels are also great for adding text and simple graphic customizations to personalize your fireside experience.

The 48″ Cupola is compatible with many Iron Embers accessories to upgrade your experience. Add a Stainless Spark Screen for an extra layer of safety, a fire grate to help quickly build and light your fire, or even add an attachment adapter for cooking grills. Tarp covers are only available by special request.

The 48″ Cupola is hand-crafted from ¼” carbon steel and changes shape from a square at the bottom to an octagon on top. Beware, this product is considered a bottomless fire ring and has no floor.

48” Cupola Fire Ring Accessories

$25.00 CAD

At the push of a button, you can restore your fire pit and accessories with an exact match aerosol paint.

$299.00 CAD

A five by five steel grate intended for the largest models in the Iron Embers collection.

$269.00 CAD

The heavy-duty Steel BBQ Grill is an effective solution to fireside BBQing. Not height adjustable.

$349.00 CAD

Add the height adjustable Stainless BBQ Grill to your fire pit to bring effective wood-fired grilling to your backyard.

$758.00$978.00 CAD

Add a spark screen to your fire pit for an extra level of safety. Built with a stainless steel mesh.

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