We know that ordering an Iron Embers fire pit is a big decision, and we want you to feel confident that you’ve made the right choice when placing your order. The way we purchase products online greatly influences our experience, and we’re all about creating an excellent fireside experience from day one. Find the best way to shop for your fire pit with Iron Embers by reading this article.


Let’s explore how to shop for a fire pit online and place an order with Iron Embers.


Please note that any direct orders are subject to our production lead times

Online Store

Build a cart and checkout directly on the website


You can complete your entire transaction online, from product selection to payment collection. The online store experience is perfect for shoppers that know what products they would like to purchase and are ready to place their order. 


Note: Online Store orders will be processed as build-to-order purchases and added to our production schedule. For fire pits in stock for immediate pickup, find a local dealer.


Building an Online Order:

Step 1: Visit the Iron Embers website (ironembers.com)

Step 2: Explore the Homepage and Product Overview Pages to find a style of fire pit

Step 3: Select your fire pit size on the Overview Page and click [Shop Now]

Step 4: Click [Add to Cart] on the specific product page to add the fire pit to your order

Step 5: Scroll down or visit the accessories page to shop for fire pit add-ons

Step 6: Click [Add to Cart] to include optional fire pit accessories to your order


Checkout Online:

Step 1: Open your side cart using the Cart Icon in the main menu

Step 2: Click [Checkout] to proceed to the checkout page and review your cart

Step 3: Enter the required billing and shipping information

Step 4: Add an optional message in the Order Notes field

Step 5: Make a selection for Local Pickup or Product Shipping

Step 6: Enter your payment information

Step 7: Click [Place Order] to process your payment


You will receive an order confirmation email upon successful completion of the checkout process. Our team will contact you once your order is complete to arrange a pickup date or confirm that your order has shipped. Customers that have any questions regarding their order before it ships are encouraged to reach out to our office at (888) 575 – 4766.


Build & Price Order Form

Online order builder with one-to-one customer service follow-up


Our custom order form application allows you to plan your purchase before submitting an order inquiry. Once submitted, one of our fireside experts will reach out via phone or email within 2 to 3 business days to finalize your order details. At this point, they can answer any outstanding questions you may have about Iron Embers products and services. Then, once you’re ready to confirm your order, they will provide you with an invoice for payment.


Submitting an Order Form:

Step 1: Visit our Build & Price order form (ironembers.com/order)

Step 2: Select an Iron Embers fire pit style for your order

Step 3: Select a specific size of the style selected in Step 2

Step 4: Add accessories to build your order with a live subtotal

Step 5: Review your order total and enter your email to continue

Step 6: At this point, you will be prompted to submit an order inquiry or proceed to checkout


*By proceeding to checkout in Step 6 the items selected in the order form will be added to your cart as you move into our online store to complete the transaction.


Confirming Your Order:

Step 1: Iron Embers will review your request within 2 – 3 business days

Step 2: A member of our team will contact you to confirm your order details

Step 3: Iron Embers will you email an invoice for payment

Step 4: Once payment is received, your order will be added to the production schedule


Our team will discuss shipping or local pickup options with you before processing the order and contact you again once your order is complete. 


Talk to a Fireside Expert

Contact our team directly at Iron Embers HQ


Our team of professional and courteous fireside experts are available to assist you with any inquiries you may have regarding Iron Embers products and services. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer support and ensuring you enjoy Your Fireside Experience with Iron Embers for many years to come.


Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM and closed on most major holidays. Get in touch with the team by phone or email: (888) 575 4766 | info@ironembers.com


Custom Design Projects

Have our designers bring your vision for a fire pit design to life


By starting a custom project, you can work with our team to develop a unique fire feature to fit your vision for your outdoor space. The most common way to personalize your fireside experience is by having text or a simplified graphic laser-cut into the side panel of nearly any of our open bowl fire pits. Alternatively, you can work with our designers to create a one-of-a-kind custom fire pit or select a modification from our ever-growing design library. Get a Quote >