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5′ Chiminea

5′ Chiminea

$2,799.00 CAD

SKU: AA-0034
Build & Price

260 lbs (118 kg)
1/4″ (6.4 mm) Thick Steel

The 5′ Chiminea is a backyard-friendly outdoor fireplace with a square bowl that serves as the base for this self-contained unit. The Chiminea is the only Iron Embers series that features a pitched roof and chimney designed to channel smoke up and away from your seating area. The flames are contained within the unit by the safety screens made from stainless steel mesh that keeps the embers in and still allows for a clear view of the fire. A small drainage hole is located at the center of the fire bowl to keep your fire pit clear of rainwater. The leg panels lift the fire bowl away from the ground, allowing extra heat to radiate underneath the unit. 

Top off the 5′ Chiminea with a chimney cap to deter rainwater from overflowing ash onto your patio. Add a small fire grate to raise your fire off the floor, making it easier to light by improving the structure and airflow of your fire. A tarp cover can help to protect your Chiminea from the elements when not in use or guard your paint if put in storage during the winter months. 

The 5′ Chiminea is hand-crafted from sheets of ¼” carbon steel and 304 stainless steel mesh, then coated with our signature high heat enamel paint. On occasion, the unit may require touch-up maintenance to repair surface rust. We recommend repainting affected areas each season with high heat touch-up spray paint.

5' Chiminea Accessories

$199.00 CAD

Prevent rainwater from washing ash onto your patio with this chimney cap.

$429.00$459.00 CAD

Protect your Chiminea from the elements with this heavy duty Tarp Cover.

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$25.00 CAD

At the push of a button, you can restore your fire pit and accessories with an exact match aerosol paint.

$159.00 CAD

A three by three steel grate that rests on the fire pit floor and allows you to maximize airflow by raising the wood.

$329.00$599.00 CAD

The Standing Fireplace BBQ Grill is compatible with most outdoor fireplaces. Select from available material options to continue.

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