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36” Modern Cube

36” Modern Cube

$1,349.00 CAD

SKU: AA-0015

Include some addons for this fire pit

Build & Price

230 lbs (104.3 kg)
1/4” (6.4 mm) Thick Steel

The 36″ Modern Cube is an enormous square pit with a deep pit ideal for containing larger bonfires. The Modern Cube features slanted side panels that allow airflow to reach your coals and create loads of radiant heat. Add a large fire grate to produce an even cleaner burn. Drainage slots in the floor keep your fire pit clear of rainwater. The leg panels lift the fire pit floor away from the ground, allowing extra heat to radiate out from underneath the unit. A fire pit with a tremendous load capacity like the 36″ Cube offers a permanent solution for entertaining big groups with a roaring fireside experience at the cottage for years to come!

The 36″ Cube is compatible with many Iron Embers accessories to upgrade your fireside experience. Add a Stainless Spark Screen for an extra layer of safety with an available door option for quickly adding logs to the fire. A tarp cover can help to protect your Cube setup from the elements when not in use or guard your paint while in storage during the winter months. Use the steel tabletop to convert your fire pit into a full-size coffee table, or add an attachment adapter and explore our cooking grill options.

The 36″ Cube is hand-crafted from ¼” carbon steel and coated in our custom mixture of high heat enamel paint produced locally in Guelph, ON.

36” Modern Cube Accessories

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