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Lead Time

Lead Time

Current Estimated Lead Time: 6 – 10 Weeks

While we do our best to fulfill each order at the earliest possible date, lead times reflect current order volume and production capabilities.

The expected lead time for new or reworked orders is between six to ten weeks based on current order volume.

While lead times are a great indicator for projecting an estimated delivery window, the exact date of delivery may fluctuate based on production schedules. Once your order has is ready for shipment or pickup, you will receive a notification by phone or email.

The availability of effort and resources are the primary factors that determine our production lead time. Orders placed during seasonal spikes in demand (April – July) may be subject to longer lead times depending on the length of the production queue.

Iron Embers products are available through a growing network of retail locations. Each dealer is responsible for maintaining their stock, and not all models or accessories may be available at a store near you. If items are “Out of Stock” at dealer locations, fulfillment of an order promised by dealers may be subject to similar or longer lead times.