Ohhh the nostalgia of a perfect day that ends with gathering around an outdoor fire… Nothing can beat it! Except maybe – your local bylaws. Bylaws can be a bummer; but they are in place to protect you, your property, and your community – and because of that, they are very important to understand.

It’s normal as a homeowner to be concerned about the safety of recreational burning. And it is smart to know your local bylaws before making a purchase on a new Iron Embers firepit. Before you take that leap, do your research!

Simply Put…

Combing through and reading bylaw documents can be hard and confusing! To help you find the most relevant information, here is a list of the different local recreational fire bylaws for cities within Wellington County and Waterloo Region:

Area Recreational Fire Bylaw Where to Find Bylaw and Permit Information
Cambridge Permit required, first time fee of $95.57 for 30 days, $74.33 for repeat permits City of Cambridge: Fire Department
Centre Wellington Annual permit required, $27.00 fee Centre Wellington: Applications, Licences, Permits and Policies
City of Guelph Prohibited, unless cooking over a grill (marshmallows and hotdogs do not count towards this exemption) City of Guelph: Outdoor Fire Safety
City of Waterloo Prohibited, can be granted an exemption The City of Waterloo: Open Air Fire Bylaw
Erin Annual permit required Town of Erin: By-laws
Guelph/Eramosa Allowed, some exemptions may apply Guelph/Eramosa Township: Open Air Burning Permits
Kitchener Allowed, must follow certain guidelines Kitchener: Bylaws at Home
Mapleton Allowed, some exemptions may apply Mapleton: Applications, Licences and Permits
Minto Permit required, 24-hour notice before starting the fire Town of Minto: Minto Fire
North Dumfries Allowed, must adhere to regulations The Township of North Dumfries: Message from North Dumfries Fire Department
Puslinch Annual permit required, $27.00 plus 1.75% convenience fee Township of Puslinch: Open Air Burn Permit (Fire Permit) Application
Wellesley Permit required; time sensitive Township of Wellesley: By-Laws
Wilmot Annual permit required, $20.00 fee, different types of permits available Wilmot Fire Department: Burn Permits

Iron Embers Winning Combination

Many limits for recreational fires have to do with having a safe enclosure. Iron Embers spark screens create a safe and protective barrier between the fire and the environment. Made from 1/8” thick steel and stainless-steel wire mesh, screens will prevent large sparks from flying out of the fire pit’s vicinity. Additionally, our steel lids add another layer of protection by helping to keep the fire pit covered and smothered after the fire is extinguished.

3' Pyramid Fireplace on a patio surrounded by Muskoka chairs

3′ Pyramid Fireplace

Iron Embers Pyramid and Chiminea Fireplaces are designed with built in enclosures. These are excellent choices for a statement piece in your backyard.

Grilling hamburgers and chicken skewers on a 3' Octagonal Cottager

Plate Grill on a 3′ Octagonal Cottager

Another way to overcome certain bylaws is to utilize your fire for cooking. Grilling is a fun way to have an outdoor lunch or dinner party. Iron Embers fire pits can be accessorized with two grill options. The BBQ Plate Grill is a heavy-duty option that rests directly over your flames and has the capacity to hold heavier items like pots and pans. Iron Embers’ most popular cooking accessory is the Adjustable BBQ Grill. It is lightweight and height adjustable to help control your foods cooking temperature during cookouts.

Need Help?

Still not sure which firepits and accessories match up with your town’s bylaws? We’re here to help you find a solution that will be compliant and help you get the most out of your firepit!